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Some kids have all the luck

Parentalstyle is all in favour of those creative and stylish parents that can bring their grown up practical design ethos and translate it into super cool style for their kids bedrooms.

Currently looking at inspiration for Squeak’s bedroom, all though not quite sure she is going to be as lucky as some of the kids in these research images. I love clean and clever design that means there is a carefully thought out plan that allows everything to have it’s place and ideally for me can be put away quickly and leave a room looking considered as opposed to a bomb site, which in a child’s room is tricky.

Here are some design minded parents that seem to have it down.



Kenzo Kids are the cool kids


Kenzo, über cool, fresh, most wanted ( get my point) fashion label on the planet right now are having an excellent shake up on kids fashion too. Staple wardrobe pieces have been given the RKS (Royal Kenzo Stamp) by adding signature graphics and prints to create a wonderful line of non fussy and non gender cliched garments.

I even approve of the blatant Kenzo branding across the front which normally is a no no for me, but on this instance I love it even more.  Squeak will be part of the cool kid gang with one of the hooded sweatshirt dresses, when back in stock that is.

All items available at Melijoe


For a rainy day – James Smith & Sons umbrellas

Feeling somewhat inspired by the down pour currently covering the majority of the UK, I started to think about umbrellas.

In London there is a landmark of a store that I must have been past a thousand times but have never yet been in. The store sells umbrellas, fancy umbrellas, not the kind that blow inside out during a mild breeze and then are firmly dumped in the nearest rubbish bin.

These umbrellas have history and sophistication. The shop in question is James Smith & Sons which has been established since 1830. Incredible credentials. The business success has had a lot to do with the British weather but also due to the craftsmanship and respected reputation. I imagine once you have shopped here for your umbrella you are unlikely to then shop anywhere else for a replacement.

How it all begun;

The First James Smith started our tradition of umbrella making in 1830 when he opened a small shop in Fouberts Place, off Regent Street. He made the umbrellas at the back of the shop and customers were served at the front. That tradition is still maintained. The workshops are situated in the basement and it is there that we still make some umbrellas and walking sticks,

In 1830 James Smith founded the famous firm of James Smith and Sons at Foubert Place in London’s West End. His son moved the business to New Oxford Street in 1857; he also opened six other businesses including a hatter’s and a barbershop. He had eight sons and a daughter, and when he moved to Tasmania with two of his sons to take up farming, he left the others to run the business at home. In 1930 it was his grandson Mr Mesger (great grandson of the founder) who moved back from Tasmania to take over the running of the business.

A branch shop was opened just off Savile Row and it was from here that umbrellas were sold to Gladstone, Bonar Law and Lord Curzon, among many other dignitaries. When this shop was pulled down to make way for a new road, the branch moved to New Burlington Street, but this was unfortunately destroyed in the Second World War. For a long time the company specialised in making ceremonial umbrellas, maces, and gentlemen’s canes and these are in service around the world. Until the 1920’s the cane or stick was an essential part of the well dressed male’s attire. During World War I many hundreds of thousands of military ‘swagger sticks’ were sold to soldiers, but today the cane or stick is used mostly as an aid to walking.

I am determined to go inside one day and if I’m lucky enough to make a purchase it may well be a design from the animals head collection.


New cool children’s brand – Ruff and Huddle AW13 Collection


It’s always a pleasure to showcase a new and upcoming stylish brand. Ruff and Huddle (love the name) have recently launched their first collection and has already had the thumbs up by the selective buyers at Selfridges, so you know it must be good.

London based streetwear brand for kids aged 2-7 years have focused on taking classic silhouettes and have given them a rebellious theme. The brands ethos suits Parentalstyle perfectly, ” independent personality in mind, the collection sums up being small in size but large in character, fearless and totally loveable” also pretty much sums up Squeak!

The collection has been designed with print designer Zakee Shariff and tattooist Josh Sutterby who are responsible for the design details that give it that edge. The lifestyle influences have come from skateboarding, graffiti and tattoos, how more cool could you want it to be? Each season Ruff and Huddle will work with credible artists to continue to bring a fresh and relevant injection to the season.  Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Here are a few of Squeaks and mines favourite pieces.

Visit the Ruff and Huddle site for the whole journey. The prices are spot on too.



Daddy’s little girl – Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha is definite evidence that creative talent runs in the family. Simone’s SS14 catwalk show delivered models with a more menacing edge then apparent in her previous designs.  Pearl-rimmed knee-high stockings and flashes of flesh gave a provocative fashion flirt. Also Parentalstyle enjoyed the return of the “Mowhawk”.

Daddy should be very proud of his daughters success. She has been blessed with the exceptional Rocha design gene.


Back to nursery with Barbour

Today Squeak went back to nursery. For the occasion the weather typically was drizzly with a definite chill in the air after our body temperatures had become rather use to the high twenties.

Squeak was in need of a fit for purpose kind of coat, a coat that without doubt would keep her snug and warm as the Winter settles in. As a family who are into their heritage fashion brands we have Barbour to thank for the perfect silhouette , stylish, iconic and functionable. We (Squeak has a say in her wardrobe now) decided on the Winter Force Parka Jacket with it’s classic lines and traditional olive waxed finish. Squeak is particularly fond of the woolly fleece lining which is also in the hood.

Also with Barbour’s excellent customer service comprising bespoke repairs and re-proofing this is the perfect coat for passing down to siblings, and with all Barbours they get better with age.

Here are a few snaps of our journey this morning…Back to nursery with Barbour.


If you visit the Barbour website you will find some fabulous knitwear pieces that will ensure toastie children for the whole chilly season. Here are some of my personal favourites.

Roseycomb Cardigan


Taylor Jumper