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GUCCI bags……for kids

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a designer bag as much as the next mum but the thought of my child using one to carry Ariel the mermaid, half eaten rice cakes and Squeaks latest obsession of holding stones in her hands makes me feel a little nervous.

Starting at £300 I’m not sure I would be over keen on her putting it over the handle bars of her pink scooter and scooting off down the street. I guess I don’t live in the right city, I’m sure in the glamorous hills of Hollywood this kind of children’s status symbol is a very common sight. As fashion designed objects it’s not that I don’t like the look of them but I can’t help remembering how beautifully innocent my school/gym bags were that my mum use to hand sew for me and yes my name was embroidered in it.

If you are looking for a new school, gym or weekend bag for your little ‘princess’ then check out GUCCI they look as good as the grown up versions. Although the frog is my personal favourite, at least it represents some kind of design fun for kids.



Back to nursery with Barbour

Today Squeak went back to nursery. For the occasion the weather typically was drizzly with a definite chill in the air after our body temperatures had become rather use to the high twenties.

Squeak was in need of a fit for purpose kind of coat, a coat that without doubt would keep her snug and warm as the Winter settles in. As a family who are into their heritage fashion brands we have Barbour to thank for the perfect silhouette , stylish, iconic and functionable. We (Squeak has a say in her wardrobe now) decided on the Winter Force Parka Jacket with it’s classic lines and traditional olive waxed finish. Squeak is particularly fond of the woolly fleece lining which is also in the hood.

Also with Barbour’s excellent customer service comprising bespoke repairs and re-proofing this is the perfect coat for passing down to siblings, and with all Barbours they get better with age.

Here are a few snaps of our journey this morning…Back to nursery with Barbour.


If you visit the Barbour website you will find some fabulous knitwear pieces that will ensure toastie children for the whole chilly season. Here are some of my personal favourites.

Roseycomb Cardigan


Taylor Jumper


Boden…..full of surprises

I have to admit on a personal style level Boden has never been on my radar, I knew of it’s existence as it has had an amazing commercial success story in terms of market growth and penetrating into new territories, with mentions of America, Germany and Austria on their ‘About us‘ page.

From launching in 1991 with apparently only eight menswear products to now shipping out on a daily basis 12,500 parcels. Therefore, they must be something right. In 1999 when they launched the website Boden have learnt how to jump on the fast moving e-commerce train.

Last night sat on the sofa with the TV on my laptop perched on my lap and my cat tucked in beside me I visited the Boden site and to my surprise I liked what I saw. The lifestyle images are good and not as ‘twee’ as I thought it would. Women’s and children’s model shots really worked at selling the product. For me the mens had a completely different feel but I guess the direction was more   what they think men respond to, less lifestyle and more fashion magazine editorial. Personally I think I would like to see men (dads) photographed with children too and not not just women! An excellent reference point for how men (dads) can been shot in a family way and still look cool, visit kindlingquarterly.com. I will be posting about the new online magazine soon.

Below are some of the images and fashion pieces that Parentalstyle took a fancy too. Mainly for Squeak, especially fond of the pink boots and there is an excellent selection of kids fleeces, which is my fabric of choice for the new season. Last season I was on the hunt for cool sweatshirts but fleece now has my attention.  The item that would fit into my wardrobe would be the Boden take on a classic Fairisle knit. Might have to make my first ever purchase from Boden.


Totally yummy Goatsmilk


New York based clothing company Goatmilk is a wonderful brand full of wholesome goodness, just as it’s name would suggest. (I also feel an affinity with the name as we feed Squeak with goat’s milk and not the cow variety).

Goatsmilk offering is simple yet beautifully designed basics, although the word basic doesn’t seem good enough. Underwear garments and tees all 100% organic cottons. Parentalstyle is also giving a big thumbs up to the creative images, executed and shot with simplicity.

Here is the brands story…..

Roland and Tania met 15 years ago in the advertising world. They immediately became friends as well as colleagues and knew someday they would collaborate on a very special brand of their own. It was in Barcelona where they unknowingly set the wheels in motion for what would eventually become Goatmilk.  Like many times before, Roland was traveling on a photo assignment to Spain when Tania asked him to bring back underwear for her son. An odd request, one might think, but it was the quality and aesthetic that she remembered from her childhood that made her yearn for these classic basics for her own child. By the time her second son was born, what had started as the occasional souvenir had now become a necessity for Tania. Eventually, the idea caught on with several of Tania’s mom-friends and, before he knew it, Roland was practically taking orders for children’s underwear each time he embarked on a trip.

It was around that time that Roland and Tania came up with the idea to design and manufacture a collection of children’s underwear based on the same quality and European aesthetic they had come to love. . . and even better, they decided to infuse it with their green sensibilities. During the few years that followed, Roland, with his fashion illustration and design background began developing the line along side Tania, whose marketing and business gravitas coupled with her mom experience, helped solidify the brand. Together they founded Goatmilk Kidware. It’s a collection they’ve created with a lot of love, honesty and passion for both the product and our planet.

The name is another long story. . . for now, it suffices to say, it had a lot to do with Roland’s dogs.

Please click on the website for International and online stockist, sadly couldn’t find a retail store nearby as would love to check out whether the garments feel as soft as they look.


Little Eleven Paris iconic tees


These little tees from Little Eleven Paris are so good I wish Squeak had a little brother to wear Kate Moss or would I put Squeak in Johnny Depp, not sure I need to think it through more.

Size range 4 to 14 years. You need to be quick as selling like cupcakes.

£25 available at http://www.melijoe.com/uk/little-eleven-paris?seasonFilter=7&themeFilter=3112