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The Red shoes

I’ve always had a sweet soft spot for red shoes and take it from me they work with more outfits then you probably think. Denim is an obvious choice but try with navy, white and black but also works lovely with the other primary colours.

This fabulous pair of open toe ankle boots from Maison Martin Margiela would be a wonderful addition to my/your wardrobe and would stylishly do the trick from thick black opaque Winter tights to Spring time bare legs. If you fancy a splurge visit Matches to make a purchase. Although the £510 price tag may seem a little extravagant on a pair of red shoes as you might well think black would be more of a sensible buy. But who wants sensible, we are talking fashion here.



A boot to wear with everything

As the fashion industry are consumed with watching beautiful creations sashay down the catwalks of New York, I’m consumed with looking at my feet and thinking when will I discover that elusive pair of boos that I can actually wear with everything. That pair of boots that take can take me from nursery run to the office and will literally work with jeans and a sweatshirt or a day of smarter outfits for fashion meetings.

This little pair of boots from Paris based designer Pierre Hardy could definitely help with my fashion problems or at least one of them. I thought the way forward was to find block coloured boots as then at least one of the colours in them would work with either complimenting or deliberate clashing with my outfit. There is a sensible heel and the design is fun and fashionable. Footwear solutions make a girl feel good.

Available from Matches and priced at £620 (not sure if H will think the price is a solution though)


Boden…..full of surprises

I have to admit on a personal style level Boden has never been on my radar, I knew of it’s existence as it has had an amazing commercial success story in terms of market growth and penetrating into new territories, with mentions of America, Germany and Austria on their ‘About us‘ page.

From launching in 1991 with apparently only eight menswear products to now shipping out on a daily basis 12,500 parcels. Therefore, they must be something right. In 1999 when they launched the website Boden have learnt how to jump on the fast moving e-commerce train.

Last night sat on the sofa with the TV on my laptop perched on my lap and my cat tucked in beside me I visited the Boden site and to my surprise I liked what I saw. The lifestyle images are good and not as ‘twee’ as I thought it would. Women’s and children’s model shots really worked at selling the product. For me the mens had a completely different feel but I guess the direction was more   what they think men respond to, less lifestyle and more fashion magazine editorial. Personally I think I would like to see men (dads) photographed with children too and not not just women! An excellent reference point for how men (dads) can been shot in a family way and still look cool, visit kindlingquarterly.com. I will be posting about the new online magazine soon.

Below are some of the images and fashion pieces that Parentalstyle took a fancy too. Mainly for Squeak, especially fond of the pink boots and there is an excellent selection of kids fleeces, which is my fabric of choice for the new season. Last season I was on the hunt for cool sweatshirts but fleece now has my attention.  The item that would fit into my wardrobe would be the Boden take on a classic Fairisle knit. Might have to make my first ever purchase from Boden.