Parentalstyle.com will showcase handpicked lifestyle content from all walks of life – clothing to furniture, exhibitions to architecture and all nuances that lay in between. Inspiration is key; my family, friends and peers, quality design, an interesting story or simply the innate desire to be indulgent and beautiful. There will be family diaries of my personal life along with friends from around the world. Giving an insight into what ‘family time’ means to people, big days out or life at home. Parentalstyle.com will pay homage to both proving that parenting with style is an option and need not be forgotten with the arrival of smaller shoes.

Reasons for blogging

My appreciation of style and design doesn’t have to end just because I’m a parent now.  I’m hoping that although I love my new found title  ‘mummy’  this doesn’t mean the development of that ‘mumsy’ gene where I start floating around in ditsy prints and start wanting to decorate my home with bunting and dried flowers arrangements. Not wanting to offend anyone but its just not me.

After nearly 20 years working in the fashion industry, I have never had much reason to be practical. But now with a two year old to chase around after I am having to make adjustments to what was a very carefree life. Although practicality is a new word in my vocabulary, my penchant for a few finer things in life still remains very much intact. Fashion has always played an important role in my existence, when I lived in Portsmouth with my parents I would come to London most weekends shopping just to find that all important outfit for Saturday night. Now shopping happens less frequency, although my husband may disagree, and is more about quality then throw away. I do still from time to time need my fixes. But these days the likes of of Topshop, I choose to leave to the young hipsters where an attitude of youth is needed to really carry the look. I’m happy to feel a little more sophisticated in my years of parenthood.

Here are a few words that fit me:

family, home, design, fashion, travel, cats & dogs, trends, friends, love, five star (I’m referring to hotels not the 80’s pop group) restaurants with amazing food, Chanel, modernism, the romance of flowers ,music (yes a nondescript word but literally I will listen to electro through to opera) shoes, mixing old with new, children’s imagination, MGM musicals, handbags, architecture, Audrey Hepburn & Tautou, catwalk, vintage dresses, galleries, beaches, charity shop finds, luxury, eclectic. fun, dreams, Bowie, London.

Thank you and hope you find something you like. SM.

P.S. One piece of advise I will pass on to my daughter…….never trust a man that wears boot cut jeans.



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