Ebay Swiper

I tend to go in phases of spending an unhealthy amount of time perusing the pages of Ebay for fashion finds. The problem I find is I foolishly think I will have a quick look for something then find myself five hours later still logged on and watching anything from one to a hundred items.

This got me to thinking, do people make a living out of searching for particular items for people, a kind of personal Ebay shopper?  It would save a lot of time searching and lets face it there are some amazing finds to be had through Ebay. Today I managed to bag a Kenzo dress for an absolute bargain and I have my eye on a few more things but of course I’m not saying what, I want to win!

However, I have put a potential outfit together that could be a Christmas present to yourself. A green velvet jacket Zara and a bargain, both green and velvet will mean you are hitting two trends in one. An embellished dress by Alice Temperley with green details to tie in with jacket, designer gorgeous shoes by Christian Louboutin and a unique vintage handbag with cute gold details. Throw it altogether and hey presto an affordable stylish look.



All items have a ‘Buy Now’ offer.

Hope they are your size and Happy bidding x


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