LA Family Style with blogger Macaroon Original : interview

Parenatlstyle have sourced another wonderfully stylish family for the regular feature “Style and the Family Way” this time focus is on the hip and cool LA scene.

PS have the pleasure of giving you an insight into the family and fashion times of Zoe Schaeffer/LA Mom AKA Macaroon Original

Hope you enjoy the exclusive interview.

 Who is in your family?  

We are a family of five – myself, my husband, Jonathan and our three girls: Gemma, Rafi and Cleo.



  • Where do you live and how long have you lived there? 

We live in Los Angeles, although I was raised in New York. It’s still painful to me that my daughters speak with “long a”s. It’s the East Coast snob in me.


  • What do you and your husband/partner do for work? 

Although my husband is a former professional baseball player, he is now in the insurance business and could not be happier. I’ve done a host of things: in between being a beauty editor (on-and-off!) for fifteen years, I worked for a trend-forecasting agency, owned a designer boutique, and currently have a kid’s blog called I just wrote a TV pilot about young parenting in LA – it seems to be a right-of-passage for Angelinos.


  • Where is the favourite place to visit for family time? 

The Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. We just did a family photo session there with a super cool photographer, Darcy Hemley. I try to visit gardens wherever I am in the world, but this one is vast and lush. California beauty at its best.


  • How would you describe LA for bringing up children in general?

In terms of being a young parent in LA, I am such a fan. Would I want to spend my single years here? Hell no. But it’s a fabulous spot to raise children. I know it’s cliché to mention the weather, but the kids go to the park in January and can hit the beach by the end of March. Little ones need fresh air, and they get it here year ‘round. Since it’s nice basically all the time, there are always tons of family friendly things going on about town. And when the weather fails us, LACMA, our world-renowned art museum, has an amazing in-house Japanese inspired art studio and lots of kid-friendly exhibits. We live close by so it’s one of our go-tos. 


  • Where is your favourite place to shop for children’s clothes and what brands are you loving at the moment?

I used to carry Rodarte, Tom Binns and Proenza Schouler in my boutique so you can say that I love fashion – for grown-ups or kids alike. Some favorites are the Japanese retailer Trico Field, the French online shop Smallable, and the children’s section of ABC Carpet in New York. In LA there is a store called Eggy down the street that is really well curated. And there is a multi-tiered store in Hollywood called Lost and Found that has the most beautiful global finds for children’s rooms. Nikki from the brand Noe & Zoe made me neon pink stars and stripes bedspreads for my kids’ bunk bed when I couldn’t find anything on the market – I am obsessed with décor. And I still adore discovering special little things like up-cycled cashmere ponchos on Etsy too. I am an equal opportunist when it comes to clothing brands – if it’s super stylish and comfy, it’s for us. 

 (Lost and Found)


  • Where is your family favourite restaurant?

My husband and I really focus on fresh, local, organic food so we cook a lot. I didn’t eat meat for a year and then I discovered Lindy & Grundy, a boutique butcher shop that is insanely committed to ethical farming – they consider themselves animal activists – and I got back on that wagon quickly. I make homemade chicken tenders for the kids and I pick up the best wild salmon from the farmer’s market. When we are in Venice, we like to go to Axe – they have “bowls” which the kids love, and when we are on our side of town, we like a casual spot called Cheebo, an easy restaurant where you can play tic tac toe on the tablecloths. 


  • What do you love the most about living in LA?

I love the weekend escapes that I never had as an East Coaster: San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, is an hour plane ride – and Napa is just an extra 15 minutes further. Then you have campy Palm Springs, snowy Mammoth and breath-taking Big Sur, all a car-ride away. 


  • Would you say that style/fashion plays a big role in your family life? 

Well, with three little girls and a style-obsessed husband…No, actually we seriously try to temper it since so many people in our town have so much and we don’t want to place a big emphasis on consumption. Mostly we indulge in the little things – glitter tattoos, at-home manicures and spraying our ponytails pink. My oldest is really into clothes so for a special occasion like graduation, we’ll go to Bonpoint and splurge on a dress. 



  • As a mum do you still find time for yourself and what do you like to do when you get it?

I prioritize time for myself. Mostly, it is a spin classe or a weekly manicure – nothing extravagant – just a needed hour break. But every year I take a solo trip to New York to visit old friends, shop, eat, and stay out super late – that re-fuels me as a mom for the next six months. 


  • What is your favourite item of clothing at the moment? 

I tend to get obsessed with things. I haven’t bought anything new recently because I’m never really fond of the fall collections, but I have my eye fixated on an embellished blush dress from Stella McCartney’s Resort presentation. Isabel Marant’s “Kady” leather jacket is something I can wear every day once the weather gets cooler. But I also cherish a little Delfina Delletrez bumblebee bracelet I bought in Rome with my husband a few months ago. You can probably find it here in the States but it was fun scouring the city for the designer’s little boutique even though we had less than a day there. 

(The Isabel Marant Kady jacket available from Matches)



Thanks to Zoe and family for finding the time to share their stylish life in sunny LA.




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