A boot to wear with everything

As the fashion industry are consumed with watching beautiful creations sashay down the catwalks of New York, I’m consumed with looking at my feet and thinking when will I discover that elusive pair of boos that I can actually wear with everything. That pair of boots that take can take me from nursery run to the office and will literally work with jeans and a sweatshirt or a day of smarter outfits for fashion meetings.

This little pair of boots from Paris based designer Pierre Hardy could definitely help with my fashion problems or at least one of them. I thought the way forward was to find block coloured boots as then at least one of the colours in them would work with either complimenting or deliberate clashing with my outfit. There is a sensible heel and the design is fun and fashionable. Footwear solutions make a girl feel good.

Available from Matches and priced at £620 (not sure if H will think the price is a solution though)



2 thoughts on “A boot to wear with everything

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