Style and the family way : Stockholm

Parentalstyle has been thinking, yes it happens occasionally, on how and what we can devise as a regular feature to bring you an insight into some of the wonderful and stylish families from around the globe. The aim to deliver a focus on considered and sometimes eclectic family fashion and and a little look into culture and lifestyles.

So here’s what I have come up with……the official launch of the introductory new family style section, ‘STYLE IT THE FAMILY WAY, in my head I can hear a fanfare of trumpets right now and of course a bottle of champagne is sitting on ice.

PS have selected a rather special family when it comes to exuding fashion and charisma to kick start this new section, please meet Cecilia and Bjorn and their beautiful family who live and work in Stockholm. If you have never had the pleasure of visiting Stockholm believe me it is a beautiful city especially in their glorious Summer months, so lets get down to the ‘Nitty Gritty’.

Here are their exclusive photographs and interview for Parentalstyle

Style it the Family way‘ : Stockholm

Q. Your family consists of who?

A. Our family consists of mommy (that would be me, Cecilia), daddy Björn, big sis Maxine (3 years), baby brother Frank (soon 4 months) and our dog, Gustav.

Mom and dad, and Frank in the pram, in an elevator heading home after a wedding this past weekend. Dress by Warren Noronha (bought it ten years ago from my own store Le Shop Stockholm that I ran at the time, and still love it dearly), vintage jewelry, husband in a suit by Vivienne Westwood and shirt by Swedish brand Hope. Big sis in the very same pram…

And last, G-Dawg on the road! It says “EXPLOSIVE GOODS” on his wooden box on the bike, it´s from an old nitroglycerine factory. Brilliant way of dog transportation in my opinion (of course he gets to run free beside the bike too, but not in city traffic! Safety comes first, as any responsible parent would say.)

Q. Where do you live?

A. We live on a big archipelago island just outside the centre of Stockholm (25 mins by bike), in a spacious loft apartment and surrounded by villas, and the later means such a cosy view from our balcony.


Q. What do you do for work?

A. I (Cecilia) work as Womenswear Buyer for Swedish fashion multibrand store Nitty Gritty and my husband works as Head of Project Management at Panagora Room, which is a company that operates in the fields of e-commerce, many of their customers being successful fashion companies such as Nudie Jeans, Sneakersnstuff, Cali and very fitting in this blog, multibrand kids store Babyshop.


Cecilia looking radiant being heavily pregnant at work, wearing Isabel Marant lace top (buttons usually go in the back but to fit the belly I had to turn it the other way around), earrings by Line&Jo, rings by Iosselliani and Liberty print sneakers by Nike.

Q. Living in Sweden, how do the Government support young families?

A. Sweden is definitely one of the best countries in the world to have and raise kids. You get around 80% of your income from the government while on maternity or paternity leave, and normally parents are home for 1-1,5 years. On top of this, the government grants another SEK 1150 (around 110GBP) for each kid each month. If you are travelling with a baby including pram, bus rides are free. Further, health care and dental care for kids are also completely free of charge, daycare costs around SEK 1250 (around GBP 120) for each child and month, a charge which also includes food and diapers. There are lifts to and from all tube stations. I could go on, but in short: living with children in Sweden is easy!

Q. Where is your favourite place to visit with children at the weekends?

A. There are quite a few fantastic places nearby, actually. Art exhibitions (a few times a year exhibitions aimed directly to the young ones) and excellent food at Millesgarden. For a little longer excursion, the beautiful manor Elfviks Gård on Lidingö´s east coastline has the largest open grass fields one can imagine where both kids and dog can run around and is very picnic-friendly. Långängens Gård is an old style house with café and restaurant in a charming countryside setting, very typical Swedish and very, very popular.

Q. The families favourite coffee shop?

A. Since we also have a dog, we need to find places that are both child and dog friendly. We love Oscars café on Narvavägen, it´s full of character and simple charm. It´s like nothing happened in there since the forties which is unusual these days. It´s a kind of relief when not everything has to be fancy, new and trendy. And their root-crop platelets are to die for! Oscar´s café is also very near to the island of Djurgården, where you can go for wonderful walks or museums such as Junibacken (Pippi Longstocking), fun fair Gröna Lund and animal park Skansen


Q. What are your current favourite clothing brands for your children?

A. I really love to play around with the kid´s outfits, and fashion in tiny sizes are totally irresistible – it´s even more fun to buy clothes for the kids than for myself (something I never thought would happen to me, ha ha)

And since I work in fashion myself, I tend to go for a lot of different brands. Some favourites being Mini A Ture, Mar Mar Copenhagen, Mini Rodini, Caramel Baby and Child, Bobo Choses, Popupshop, Petit Bateau, Stella McCartney and Little Marc Jacobs.


I think Maxine is adorable in this outfit (photo taken in Isabel Marant´s showroom in Paris) which is a checked top by Caramel Baby and Child, thin corduroy skirt by MarMar Copenhagen, leopard leggings from H&M, socks by COS and classic white Converse. She was pretending to be a model, hence the arm on the side (with direct inspiration from the real showroom models, something she hadn´t seen before).

Later that day, we walked through Jardin de Tuileries and it was raining a few drops here and there, so she was also wearing her pale pink rain coat by Petit Bateau. And she was proud and super serious while pushing the pram! She is very much in love with her baby brother, it hasn´t been any hard feelings welcoming the newest member into the family at all. Phew..


Another fav outfit on Maxine: Playing at Place des Vosges, Paris, in a Noa Noa jumpsuit, teamed with white Converse and an army green cap with lace ribbon by Lindex.


Baby brother Frank is sweet as honey when we mix patterns on him, here checked pants by Monamici and dotted socks by Polarn o Pyret.
Q. Your favourite outfit at the moment and why? 
A.  I’m so excited that I finally can wear most of my clothes again, having a huge baby belly and later on, this breastfeeding-thingy sure does limit ones options, ha ha. And I do love my wardrobe, have been working on it for quite some time now. But a current favourite is this silk top by Preen; in all it´s printed madness of snake, stripes, stingray and then crisp white sleeves. Here teamed with wide pants by Sharon Wauchob, mini handbag by Jerome Dreyfuss, pointed pumps by Dries van Noten, shades by Altewai.Saome, large feather ring by Yukie Deuxpoints and T-bar cuffs by Lizzie Fortunato
(accessories are all in store at Nitty Gritty right now).
Frank wears printed body by Mini Rodini, scarf by Mexx, pants by Mar Mar Copenhagen and socks by Polarn o Pyret.
A much worn item during the pregnancy was these leggings by Helmut Lang, here with brogue boots by Church’s, along with a simple t-shirt by The Local Firm and blazer jacket by Karin Malm. The belly hid well under there until it kind of exploded the last few months.
But now, I can´t wait to wear chunky knits with autumn being my favourite season of the year. Gonna team with cropped pants and creepers for nice, long walks with Frank in the pram and Gustav on the side.
Q. Have you taken a family holiday this year?
A. Yes, we´ve taken a few days here and there even though it´s just so nice to stay home when you have a brand new baby. I went to Paris in June for the pre-collections, and brought my whole family with me and stayed a couple of nights extra. Mixing business with pleasure in the most beautiful city in the world was nothing but a treat. We also took Maxine to Disneyland and she loved every minute of it!
And we´ve been out in summer houses further out in the Stockholm archipelago, which is pure magic, and we´ve travelled a bit inside Sweden since two out of four weddings we attended this summer was in the countryside.
Me in an Isabel Marant dress at one of this summer´s weddings. Hiding under there is a gorgeus pair of Chloé heels. Maxine at the same wedding (below), hitting the dance floor in a printed Mini Rodini dress and leather ballerinas from Zara.
I met Minnie Mouse at Disneyland!
Daddy Björn in Alden shoes, Bedwin and the Heartbrakers pants and checked A.P.C. shirt at Disneyland (all from Nitty Gritty, actually!). Maxine was dressed for play, but some American children were puzzled if she was a boy or a girl, and discussed this loudly with their parents and now I quote: “But those are boys´shoes. And girls don´t wear hats or pants like that?!” Sigh! I´m so happy she´s still up for wearing whatever I get her, and it´s not a lot of glittery stuff and pure pink fluffy outfits.
Q. What are your favourite children’s stores in Stockholm? 
A. I must admit I mostly shop online, Oiidesign being my top choice. This gorgeous MarMar Copenhagen coat with red and white dotted lining (below) is from there. But when I do go out shopping in Stockholm, I think Uni and Sprall are the two best ones!


Q. What is your favourite Swedish children’s brand? 

A. I buy a lot of organic clothes from Mini Rodini and Modeerska Huset, which have featured on Parentalstyle, But I also love the simplicity and beautiful colours from COS, and I have just discovered newcomer One We Like, their prints are sooo cute! For outerwear such as rain gear and shell jackets and pants, Polarn o Pyret is unbeatable!

Q. And finally what are you doing this weekend?

A. Daddy Björn takes out every Friday as paternity leave, so every weekend is a long one, Friday-Sunday. When I go back to work in January, I will do the same, long weekends off with the family during this precious baby time is heaven!

Today, the sun is shining and we´re going to plant some flowers at my paternal grandparents final resting place (at Boo church, same as last weekends wedding, actually) and have a lovely lunch outdoors. Tonignt, daddy is going to a concert (Soundgarden is playing in Stockholm), so l will be home with the kids. The rest of the weekend not yet planned, however Maxine has a friend coming over on Sunday, they´re gonna go bananas on the giant trampoline in the garden!

Thank you Cecelia and Bjorn and have a wonderful weekend, Stockholm style.

PS. x











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  1. stephaniearsoska

    Beautiful pictures. Looks like an amazing place to live. I also wish my family looked like they do – lovely.


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