Last days of Summer – Vintage and second-hand style NBUCQ9V2AT9A

Without trying to depress you all Summer is starting to draw to an end. Whilst the sun is still making an effort to appear we are cramming family time into the days we have left and making sure we have ticked off the list places and exhibitions we wanted to see.

Today was spent in Hyde Park to visit the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion before it comes to a close. We went to meet family and sat by the also impressive piece of art Fischli/Weiss
‘Rock on Top of Another Rock‘  to eat our picnic.

After lunch we strolled over to the Diana Memorial Fountain, which if you haven’t been with the children is a great way to let little hot feet splash and paddle. Squeak and her cousins, with dresses tucked into fairy knickers, enjoyed a great afternoon making the most of a late Summer day.

For our day excursion la famille opted for vintage and second-hand ensemble to style-up the day.

My red and white vintage dress I have owned for years and was originally purchased from a stall at Camden market, London. Squeak’s dress, second-hand which I think has been hand-made, was found at a local fair and the woman selling the dress told me it was sent for one of her children several years ago from her mother in New Zealand. H went for a vintage early seventies Tennessee sport tee worn with his French workwear jacket.

Our family look was most definitely from a mix of decades inspired by Parentalstyles love of vintage and the joy of living a little bit in the past.

Hope you had a happy and stylish Sunday too. x NBUCQ9V2AT9A



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