has a new style crush…..What Maisie Knew

H and I snuggled down to watch the film ‘What Maisie Knew’ which we enjoyed. The main reason for the enjoyment came from looking at the super cute outfits that the star of the movie Maisie (Onata Aprile) who is simply wonderful and enchanting to look at on screen. The outfits reflected Maisie’s ‘parental styling’ from her creative mother Julianne Moore, who is always amazing, who is a rock star in her twilight years struggling to maintain motherhood, career and image. Whilst father (Steve Coogan) has fulfilled the middle-age cliche of finding a younger model.

My favourite item in Maisie’s wardrobe is a traditional red silk Chinese jacket that I’m now determined to buy for Squeak. Heading to China Town tomorrow. Also loved the small cowboy boots.

Excellent styling from Stacey Battat the film’s costume designer, the Maisie look is definitely going to be an inspiration for a Squeak look soon.




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