Squeak’s Fashion Week

It’s no surprise really that Squeak is beginning to take an interest in her clothes with a mother and father working in the fashion industry who constantly talk ‘fashion’. Some may think wow that must be a shallow existence but for us it’s a way of life. We constantly point out people on the street, on a train and whisper to each other, those shoes are cool. We love the history, the culture, the trends, the catwalks, the designs, the fabrics, the people, the parties, sorry correction we use to love the parties, the colours, the creativity, the industry. It would be fair to say it’s a genuine passion of ours.

As with most parents of two and three quarter year old daughters, we tend to buy and dress Squeak in things that are a reflection of our own personal tastes mixed with things she just looks super super cute in, which to be fair is most things, but of course that’s a mother’s biased and granted opinion.

So probably for my own selfish enjoyment I have created Squeak’s Fashion Week, seven days seven outfits and a little dressing up creation as her finale. Love her so much.


Nautical Day


Denim day – Dad doing turn-ups



Polka dots overload with added red paint


Luxury shopping outfit


Flowers and ladybirds


Upside down TV watching sundress


Love heart sunglasses


Rave on outfit


Squeak’s Westwood creation


With love from Parentalstyle.com x


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