Organic Glam rolls out Champagne Lip Gloss

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a week away with my family, hence no posts for seven days. We completely lucked out with the weather as we stayed in the UK, Salcombe Devon to be precise, which I would totally recommend as a family destination. Although to be honest if we hadn’t had the amazing weather I may well be writing something different.

H and I did manage to slip away from parental duties for one evening and went to a rather chic hotel bar South Sands and sipped on a glass of champagne and munched on oysters whilst watching the sun go down.

So champagne is wanted prompted me to post on this new product from Organic Glam….

Organic Glam has unveiled its new Champagne Lip Gloss. The product is designed to look, taste and smell like Champagne, whilst providing a high gloss finish to lips. Containing natural ingredients, the clear gloss protects, repairs and plumps the lips and features a non-sticky and long lasting formula. Priced at £20, Organic Glam’s Champagne Lip Gloss is available from October. Also launching in October is the brand’s Nude Sparkle Palette (£49), featuring a range of nudes, highly pigmented eye colours, and lip and cheek tints.



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