Perfectly Shrunk

Amsterdam fashion house Scotch and Soda are riding a wave of creativity by designing darn good collections. Under their remit they produce menswear Scotch & Soda, womenswear Maison Scotch, which if you haven’t discovered yet you are simply missing out.  Then there is the wonderful kidswear collections that are a perfectly executed shrunk versions of the grown-ups clothes, with extra bits of cuteness thrown in for good measure.

The girls range R’Belle conjures up a heavenly mix of safari camouflages go with all-over galaxy prints, tie-dyes are mixed with Ikat patterns and animal prints happily clash with Breton stripes. 

And for the boys Scotch Shrunk takes over with a bold mix of patterns, prints and a reinvented winter colour palette. Contrasting checks clash with florals, camouflage pops up next to stripes and Ikat patterns are mixed with tie-dyes.

If you live in London go to Harrods to check out the new AW13 collections, whilst there also go to floor 4 and visit the puppy department there is a new delivery of Cock-a-poos.



One thought on “Perfectly Shrunk

  1. MasonBentley

    How funny – we were planning a holiday trip to harrods to check out the pet department before having ice creams..might have to do a side tour now! xxx


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