Dress-Up Friday/Sunday – Dad Style – Pride of a nation … Anthem

( Have been without internet connection since Friday……thanks Virgin…..delayed posting……)

This Friday’s post is being delivered by H and instead of previous inspirations coming from the celeb world I have taken things back to reality. I asked my husband to think of someone in his network that he admires for their style and looks up to.

Hi its me … H, So this his post is all about innate style and the ability to purvey it in an effortless manner thereby making you stylish and someone who exudes confidence – ability to make heads turn without having to revert to the lyrics of “you’re so vain” if you get my point – yes this post is about you but not in any sycophantic way simply an admiration tactic if you will and a desire to let the good people know about a best kept secret … Simon Spiteri is an old friend – a humble shopkeeper he may appear to be in his esoteric and eclectic curated clothing and curios store ANTHEM in Shoreditch but what this guy doesn’t know about true style and the world of fashion isn’t worth knowing – a pioneer and a troubadour of the industry that is fashion yet more the village blacksmith than the snotty nosed prince – a grafter a Welsh export and a London import – also a gent and thats what counts – manners and decorum – two traits that alongside a soul make you live forever in the hearts and minds of men and in this case menswear.

To try and sum up what I admire about his personal aesthetic and why he is my choice for a ‘Dress-Up Friday’ accolade is easy he’s a damn well dressed gentleman – combining all the facets that make up a styler as the lady would say – he may be a father of two but that doesn’t mean you will see him in Superdry any time soon ; ) take the new the old the avant-garde and the staple – mix together and there you find Simon – a beacon and a exemplary example of why style will always beat trend in an arm wrestle !!

Anthem as a store sells brands you have never heard of but you cant fail to be captivated upon entering the store on a shabby side street in the east end of London … from Japanese hard to find denim like Kapital to icons of the fashion spectrum including Dries Van Noten Comme des Garcons and onto British bastions like Folk and Oliver spencer its an Aladdins cave for the discerning male consumer with a few quid in his sky rocket.


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