Dad style 101

In the previous week just gone, a gathering of sartorial bliss took place in the stifling heat of Firenze as Pitti Uomo opened the Palazzo gates and invited the most debonair dandy and down right dude-esque men into the show that pretty much defines menswear as we know it – forget the fashion weeks this is where peacock-ing is at its very best and most brazen. H (husband) is a regular at Pitti and as many will know loves it and dresses for it, yet this year due to the arrival of Squeak he has foregone his favourite date in the fashion calendar … luckily after the tears have gone and the tantrums have subsided (i’m talking about H here) we sat down to browse the images of everyones favourite pap at the palazzo  Mr Tommy Ton – H has been shot by him twice – so here are the images we chose that H feel summise true Dad style – Pitti style !!

tommy-ton-pitti52 tommy-ton-pitti11 flogq53 tommy-ton-pitti04 tommy-ton-pitti43 tommy-ton-pitti114 tommy-ton-pitti142


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