Asian Vintage Style – Dumpling Dynasty

Squeak was given a Dumpling Dynasty writing box from a rather well known beautiful model. We like to think of her as Squeaks ‘Fashion Godmother’. The tin is wonderfully kitsch and full of goodies to keep a little one very entertained.

I then did a little digging and found that there is a whole series of playful tins from the Dumpling Dynasty company. The designs carry a strong vintage Chinese style but they have been reinterpreted and recreated by the scotland illustrator Fiona Hewitt who had lived in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong for many years. She and Andy Tainton, an expert in Asian Kitschology co-created the brand Dumpling Dynasty, and they took inspiration from trawling the flea market and junk shops for years in China.

The following is what the two creators say about Dumpling Dynasty –

“Our products are a labour of love. Sought-out from lesser-known parts of China, we strive to personalize and re-create the sweet sentiment and attention to detail found in vintage Asian packaging design,” says Fiona Hewitt. “It is our hope that these products will make your life a little sweeter every time you use them.”

Parentalstyle loves them, they make fantastic gifts and even after the goodies inside have been distributed to other pockets, boxes and gaps in the floorboards Squeak is still left with a lovely tin to keep her farm animals and princesses in.

£14.99 available from



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