Father’s (and Mother’s) Day treats

Considering that’s it’s Fathers Day I was thinking of asking the hubby (H) to do a guest blog and talk about something dad or manly like. However, he is nursing a huge hangover in Stockholm and the reality of him wanting to do a post right now is somewhat ambitious.

So I have taken a wife executive decision and created a post where H and other dads don’t need to think too much, they can just feast through their blood shot eyes.

My topic choice for Father’s day is lingerie. I could have gone down that the Victoria’s Secrets route but honestly I just find it all a bit brash. Don’t get me wrong I think the brand is a huge success story but I prefer an element of the allure and sophistication.

Therefore, La Perla is my preferred look when it comes to a lingerie campaign.

So please enjoy a few iconic shots from La Perla’s archive. Happy Father’s Day.



5 thoughts on “Father’s (and Mother’s) Day treats

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