Swedish giant Ikea goes small


Flatpack furniture giant Ikea is to sell exact miniatures of its best-known products to allow children to create replicas of their own homes.

The retailer, which has assured parents that no assembly is necessary, is launching 1:15 scale replicas of a sofa, storage unit, table, rug, chair and cushion.

It follows a poll for Ikea that found children want “a more modern style” for their doll’s houses.

Ikea’s children’s business leader Carol McSeveney said: “Our research has shown that lots of kids want to create doll’s houses for their toys that reflect their own homes – furnished in a more modern style, with plenty of space to store all the accessories, of course.

“Until now, parents whose kids want to create a modern home for their toys have had to pay hundreds for miniature versions of home design classics. The Huset range takes some of the most popular products in our range and makes them available to everyone at pocket money prices.

“Whether Barbie needs a rug for her yoga or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle needs somewhere to lounge after a hard day’s crime-busting, this is furniture that would grace the home of any princess.”

The set will be available from August for £12.



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