Dress Up Friday

It’s Dress Up Friday time, although the reality is my husband is in Stockholm on a stag weekend, Squeak is tucked up in bed and I’m completely slumming it on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and still working on a fashion presentation that is driving me slightly crazy.

But I’m having a break from work and visualising what my fantasy Dress Up Friday character is this evening, where I just think about leaving the couch and heading into town and ordering a vodka martini at Dukes bar.  On my head would be a turban, I have an image of Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren in my head whilst writing this. I’m talking high glamour version, with that sense of mystic and forbidden promises.

Here are few glamour heads to view and guys no need to feel left out of this one. The first mention of turbans dates back to the end of the fourteenth Century, at the end of the Moorish occupation in Spain. The men followed the European fashion in beard, moustache and coiffure. The masculine headdress consisted, as it does today, wound round the head or over a crown or scull cap, the tall bonnet or taj. There is also a draped head cloth with neck cloth.

P.S. is loving this print version from MSGM £66




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