Dress-Up Fridays

I’ve never understood the culture of ‘dress-down Fridays’. Dress-down Monday makes sense, in my old life BS (before Squeak) the weekend would be full of party pursuits that would equate to a Monday morning going to the office ‘casual’. Although casual would mean limited edition colab trainers, designer denim and a vintage sweatshirt, I’m not talking track suit casual, I work in the fashion industry, there are standards. Then comes Friday and the glam rags would be back on and it all starts again, well actually party night in the fashion industry normally starts from Thursday and even sometimes Wednesday. You get the picture.

In honour of my BS life I have created virtual dress-up Fridays, as usually now Fridays are spent at home, until we are ready for babysitters.  So to kick start my fantasy Friday I have gone for an evening gown from Temperley London. The Friday theme this week is  based on one of my TV style icons, Margo from the Good Life. Her floaty 70’s inspired evening gowns that she wore at home whilst entertaining her husband’s business clients, were always the epitome of chic, whilst she served a platter of vol- au-vents.

Today I will only answer to Margo and mummy of course.

Temperley London




The classic Temperley London Kaftan is given a modern update this season with the introduction of the Long Aureila Kaftan; an elegant kaftan maxi dress. It is decorated with heavily embellished striped panels of bugle beads on the shoulder and round the neck while the body remains plain. A luxurious poolside cover up or elegant evening dress depending on how you style it.

  • Fabric Composition: 100% silk



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