Cape Town cool kids

Parentalstyle loves it when it discovers a new brand, especially when the story is coming from the other side of the planet.

Petit Pois KIDS takes design inspirations from African landscapes and blends with a European aesthetic. Sylvia, the owner, who is legitimately fortunate enough to write ‘travel’ on her CV under the hobbies and interest section, was born in France, moved to London and now living with her family in Cape Town. This experience of moving allows for a melting pot of design cultures to be drawn upon.

Here she explains how it all begun.

My passion for kids clothing started when I was pregnant with Noah in 2003. We were in London for the beginning part of the pregnancy, and it was so exciting to start shopping for baby clothes. We bought Noah his first Sex Pistols babygrow at Portobello market. I suddenly discovered a whole new world: kids clothing.

When we moved to Cape Town, we were determined to find cool kids brands but were disappointed with our choices here.
So one day, we thought about making Noah his own cool t-shirts similar to the ones we got from the UK. We brainstormed a few ideas, and we made some very simple tees for him with crazy slogans and our favourite bands.
Very soon, a lot of people noticed our cool t-shirts and asked us to make some for their children. Just like that Petit Pois KIDS was born.

Here is a taster of the brand from the illustration collection.



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