Modern doll house

If your little ones have aspirations of a career as an architect then this modern take on a dollhouse would certainly satisfy their creativity.

These modern designed dollhouses come from the American company Brinca dada who state that they produce toys that parents love to look at and children love to play with. This design is called the Dylan house and here are the details.

Inspired by the minimalist masterpieces of Paul Rudolph and Tadao Ando, Dylan House features a concrete-and-glass feel, but with the breezy openness of a beachfront home. Floor-to-ceiling windows open to allow natural light into the house and play from many angles. The Dylan House has five living spaces on three levels: living room/dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and roof patio. Dylan House comes fully furnished and is created in 3/4” scale.

  • 23” x 15” x 16”
  • Designer: Tim Boyle
  • Eco-friendly MDF
  • Non-toxic and lead-free paints

The Dylan house is on offer this week from the website for $99 there is also a wonderful selection of retro design interior furniture to go with.   Now if I could have one wish it would definitely be, can I have this in adult size please.



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