Totally yummy Goatsmilk


New York based clothing company Goatmilk is a wonderful brand full of wholesome goodness, just as it’s name would suggest. (I also feel an affinity with the name as we feed Squeak with goat’s milk and not the cow variety).

Goatsmilk offering is simple yet beautifully designed basics, although the word basic doesn’t seem good enough. Underwear garments and tees all 100% organic cottons. Parentalstyle is also giving a big thumbs up to the creative images, executed and shot with simplicity.

Here is the brands story…..

Roland and Tania met 15 years ago in the advertising world. They immediately became friends as well as colleagues and knew someday they would collaborate on a very special brand of their own. It was in Barcelona where they unknowingly set the wheels in motion for what would eventually become Goatmilk.  Like many times before, Roland was traveling on a photo assignment to Spain when Tania asked him to bring back underwear for her son. An odd request, one might think, but it was the quality and aesthetic that she remembered from her childhood that made her yearn for these classic basics for her own child. By the time her second son was born, what had started as the occasional souvenir had now become a necessity for Tania. Eventually, the idea caught on with several of Tania’s mom-friends and, before he knew it, Roland was practically taking orders for children’s underwear each time he embarked on a trip.

It was around that time that Roland and Tania came up with the idea to design and manufacture a collection of children’s underwear based on the same quality and European aesthetic they had come to love. . . and even better, they decided to infuse it with their green sensibilities. During the few years that followed, Roland, with his fashion illustration and design background began developing the line along side Tania, whose marketing and business gravitas coupled with her mom experience, helped solidify the brand. Together they founded Goatmilk Kidware. It’s a collection they’ve created with a lot of love, honesty and passion for both the product and our planet.

The name is another long story. . . for now, it suffices to say, it had a lot to do with Roland’s dogs.

Please click on the website for International and online stockist, sadly couldn’t find a retail store nearby as would love to check out whether the garments feel as soft as they look.



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