It’s knee high

Yesterday I found myself purchasing a double pack of sheer black knee-highs and to be honest I’m not sure where the desire came from. I am planning to wear them on full view and not under trousers or a long skirt if in fact this is what they were initially designed for.

I sometimes get these styling urges which I guess have come from seeing someone or an image but this time I can’t pinpoint the exact moment. There is no definite outfit planned to wear them with yet, but I often buy things way in advance of wearing them and suddenly the little thing I picked up in a vintage store seems appropriate for the trend.

To go with my impulsive purchase of knee-highs I have pulled together a few inspiration images.  It is more the sheer variety that I seem to be particularly drawn to. This accessory styling tip can work well in terms of not quite feeling the bravery for going bare legged yet, due to lack of tan and also typical British weather. It gives a lighter coverage from knitted tights or socks. It also work for the ‘sheer’ trend that is very prominent this season as seen all over the catwalks. But for me I’m finding the look fashion forward with a fun edge that can easily bring some pop colour into your summer wardrobe too.

A wide selection can be fond at




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