Beach in the East

Some of you may already have the heads up on the luxury pop-up store Beach in the East. This latest edition to the pop-up trend comes from fashion industry aristocracy Yasmin Sewell. For those that are not familiar Ms. Sewell has impeccable credentials as a fashion consultant and a purveyor of cool.

With well researched cultural style references to California in the seventies being behind the thought process to the buying and selected designers plus the unique location of a full size swimming pool, Beach in the East is a true retail destination experience.

Sewell describes her mood-board for the concept as:

“We sat down and thought about what we’re really feeling right now,” Sewell told us. “I was very much thinking about California, so there were elements of Seventies skateboarders The Z-Boys that motivated the concept. It was the very unique mood of that era that we loved and we wanted to pair that with fashion today, bringing the two together in a really relevant way.”

address is Beach In The East, Paper Mache Tiger, The Lower Ground G, 123 Clifton St, EC2A 4LD.


However, there is no need to panic if you are not within easy reach of London’s infamous Shoreditch, as from today key pieces are available online from

I have cherry picked a few styles, using ‘ The Shoreditch Style’ as my reference.



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