New addiction. MSGM


I am developing a seasonal addiction to the Italian brand MSGM. Please note there are two M’s. I’m not posting about MSG the taste and flavour enhancer. But there are some similarities as this fashion line produces balance and blend seamlessly which apparently is the chemical reaction that happens with Monosodium glutamate. Who knew.

What the brand say about themselves.

The outcome: a Kaleidoscope world made of colours, shapes and lines capable of inexorably catching the public interest and attention and acknowledging MSGM as one the most intriguing brand of the moment.

What Parentalstyle say is the stand out points in both the women’s and men’s collections are the clever and bold mix of prints and silhouettes. Modern yet familiar, playful yet sophisticated, each piece is wearable and easily mixes with wardrobe staples of denim, leather, ankle boots and flats.

The outcome for me is I want it. Here are a few of my personal favourites from the AW13 look-book for both women and men. (P.S. mens selection made by H). Please check out the full looks at




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