Fogo Island Inn

I think we all sometimes feel an innate desire to get away from it all and normally for me this means searching the internet for a paradise island style setting. So much to my surprise I was taken by this inn, which lies of the northeast coast of Newfoundland. It’s surroundings could be considered bleak especially in the hard winter season but at the same time the natural landscape really does have a unique beauty all of it’s own.

If you wanted to completely remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of modern day society, then this would be the perfect solution. I’m taken by the contemporary design set against the raw elements plus log burners in the bedrooms and a sauna. No need to pack a bikini and kaftan here, but cashmere socks are a must.

The Fogo Island Inn is the culmination of a major community revitalization project. The building’s rugged minimalist architecture balances traditional influences with a contemporary sensibility, which architect Todd Saunders has made and built just for Fogo.

A cultural destination in its own right where visitors and locals meet, the Inn includes an art gallery, heritage library, cinema and rooftop sauna. Each of the 29 guest rooms is unique, with every detail chosen with purpose and handcrafted by locals.




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