Military precision

Camouflage has become a menswear staple with the ‘heritage’ trend dominating it’s fashion infrastructure for a few seasons now. It has also hovered around in the women’s arena too. So of course this was bound to trickle into the children’s department.

Spotted these excellent examples over at the fab website I have very kindly been sent a fifty pound voucher to spend on the site, so it looks like Squeak will have something lovely arriving in the post soon. This brand Jakioo starts from size 8 years, so unfortunately ‘kiddo’ it won’t be these.


Tulle dress with camouflage-printed stripes. Camouflage-printed flounces made of jersey. Removable beige jersey lining. Adjustable straps. Ivory printed flounce at the hem. £136 


I’m actually wandering if I can squeeze my head into this hat. Love it. Wide-brimmed hat made of camouflage-printed cloth. Capeline imprimée camouflage.


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