Reiss present debut scent

Reiss presents debut fragrances for men and women

New perfume launch hot of the press.

Fashion house Reiss has announced it is set to launch debut fragrances Grey Flower for Women and Black Oudh for Men in September.

Grey Flower for Women Eau de Parfum (£49 for 100ml, £35 for 50ml and £25 for 30ml) features notes of armoise and Pimento Berry, which balance a centre of jasmine noir, Sequoia Wood and cocoa leaf, and lie on a base of skin musks olibanum, amber crystals, patchouli and baies.

Black Oudh for Men Eau de Parfum (£49 for 100ml and £35 for 50ml) opens with top notes of Laurel Leaf and green cypress, with accords of Sequoia Wood, clary sage and vetiver at the heart, and is finished with a base of black oudh, black musk and amber. 2013 marks the first year that the brand, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, launches into the beauty industry. Ingredients for the two scents were handpicked by Founder and MD David Reiss and perfume designer Azzi Glasser.

I have to confess to not going into a Reiss store for quite some time. After their quick rapid growth to the high-street where the name Reiss was being praised by everyone, the initial buzz as with all hyped buzzes, fell by the wayside. I have just clicked on their site and have to say it’s looking like a good season for them. Personally think their women’s lifestyle campaign shots are strong but not so keen on the look book shots. I also managed to find a few items that took my fancy. But just looking for now, no purchase made yet.


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