Burgundy, Plum and Maroon

Today I took a jaunt into central London without Squeak and the pushchair. I could actually take my time looking around stores as opposed to finding bribes of raisons or baby chinos to buy time to go window shopping or research as I like to call it.

Spent several hours just flitting from store to store. A lot of the products and trends I have seen several times before but I did notice a new colour trend poking through the masses of summer brights and neon. Don’t get me run I love the brights as I have never been one to shy away from a strong colour. But today for whatever reason it was the colour ‘burgundy’ that caught my eye.

Burgundy, plum and maroon. I’m sure to a colour specialist there is a difference but to me these words mean the same thing and yes there a memory of school uniform in there.

Burgundy for me will definitely be included in my Autumn Winter wardrobe. But I may kick off with this outfit combination a bit early. It’s a goon transitional colour to take you from Summer to Autumn.  I would wear the following pieces together, with the socks slightly pushed down to bunch them.


Ribbed cotton dress £29 available from & other stories http://www.stories.com/Ready-to-wear/Dresses/Organic_cotton_dress/582938-548870.1


Isabel Marant Clarisse leather shoes, I’m actually dreaming about these. £395 available at Selfridges http://www.selfridges.com/en/Shoes/Categories/Shop-Women/Shop-Boots/Ankle-boots/Clarisse-leather-shoe-boots_783-10004-3744254109/


Light grey socks, worn pushed down £14 available at http://www.mytights.com/gb/trasparenze-rib-socks.html


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