Maje and Alexa

I’m a genuine fan of French brand Maje and have a few lovely pieces in my wardrobe. The brand’s creator Judith Milgrom Maje, is the success story of a “fashion child” who was introduced to the art of crafting garments at a very early age. The story of Maje is that of a girl who has always been fascinated by fabrics, embroideries and lace, just like her mother and grandmother, from whom she learned.

The Maje wardrobe, inspired by her determination, blends the classic and the original with a focus on glamorous pieces and sharp details. The Maje spirit is a resolutely feminine silhouette, both simple and bold.

Therefore, it makes total sense to me that Maje look to Alexa Chung to be the face and attitude for the brand. Alexa is the darling of the fashion industry, which is an accolade I also agree with.

Here are some snaps of the new campaign plus two of my personal favourite looks from the SS13 collection.



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