Sunday shopping


The day started with Squeak shelling a bundle of broad beans. I would like to say something impressive and wholesome like I grew them on our allotment but the truth is I found them reduced in Waitrose.


The family then got dressed for our shopping trip and off we went to Harrods.

Moi – MIH jeans, currently my favourite pair but they are only a few weeks old. Available at

Sweatshirt – also my favourite at the moment and love it. By Zoe Karssen and super super soft fabric. Find it at

Faded yellow leather jacket, customised by taking the arms off. Found in a vintage store on the bargain rail. Purchased for £10 and like the 80’s throwback vibe of it.  Trainers, Nike and Liberty colab bought last season worn with Happy Socks large polka dots. Rucksack – from Bimba and Lola.

Squeak – Navy leggings worn with breton stripe top from John Lewis. Blue Vans and grey Gap socks.

H – Edwin trousers as before, St James and Two Thirds colab breton, white Tee by Supreme, Jacket, vintage French work jacket found in Paris, socks by Wigwam worn with Birkenstock Boston. Available from

It would be fair to say it was a successful shopping trip as the picture below shoes. New beauty products always a treat and yes that is a new MacBook Air.





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